Horoscope for capricorn november 27 2019

You're eager to try something new, and you may find that your tastes are changing—let yourself take a risk and do something different. You're not the type to get bored, but you're especially eager to shake things up right now. A lucky full moon in Aries lands on October 13, with the sun making a harmonious connection with jovial Jupiter! This is an emotional full moon, bringing a climax to a situation that's been brewing at home and in family life. Now is an important time to connect with your ancestors and energetically cleanse your home: A big release is taking place around a long-held, emotionally charged issue.

On a more mundane level, you might be moving or renovating; use the full moon's energy to purge whatever you don't want to carry with you any longer into your new space! The sun's connection with Jupiter points to a leap in emotional growth and an inspiring energy for deep, inner work. October 14 finds messenger planet Mercury making a helpful connection with Saturn and creating a supportive energy, especially around discussions about the future.

It's a great time to hammer out details with groups or associations you want to work with.

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Again, be mindful of egos and control issues that may emerge as the sun clashes with Pluto that same day. Stay flexible, but if you feel like someone is being manipulative or shady, bring in a third party to help mediate any disagreements. An especially empathetic energy flows in your communications on October 15 as Mercury connects with Neptune. This is also an amazing time to explore your spirituality or read up on intuitive development.

Secrets are shared and intriguing news comes your way on October 19 as Mercury connects with Pluto. You're feeling appreciated and secure, especially in your social life, on October 20 as Venus connects with Saturn.

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Romance flows on October 21 as Venus connects with Neptune, creating a perfect vibe for being whisked off your feet. Even if you're not in the mood for love, this is a brilliant time to connect with people on a deep level. If Libra season is all about your career, Scorpio season, which begins on October 23, is all about the fun you have after work: the hobbies you enjoy, the groups and associations you work with toward causes you're passionate about, and the space you make for yourself to imagine the future.

October 25 is an especially intriguing day to network as Venus connects with Pluto, finding you mingling with VIPs. Watch out for frustration on October 27 as warrior planet Mars runs into the big brick wall that is Saturn: Rejection is in the air, and no one is very happy about it.

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That said, October 27 is also the new moon in Scorpio, so make time to slow down. A new cycle is beginning, especially in your social life. It's natural to feel unclear about the future at this time, but things are only just beginning! A rebellious energy is in the air on October 28 as the sun opposes Uranus, bringing drama descending onto your social life yet again.

You may witness a few breakups and even go through some of your own if you and your partners are inflexible not just in your love life, but in your creative partnerships as well. Love is in the air, love is on the mind. Actually love is everywhere. You just have to be conscious of its presence.

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Take baby steps and talk to friends for advice. With many options seen today, do not be in a hurry to jump.

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Your silence attracts people. A little enigma around your character is alluring.

Capricorn September 27, 28, 29, 2019 Is This A Great Weekend For YOU Or What?!

Be the same. Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator. You have been working hard in the straight and narrow path for a long time now, but today you will be tempted to resort to trickery to accomplish a task. However, this is a needless risk that you will be taking.

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People will identify what you are trying to do and will take offence and you will lose the trust that you have build up over the years. To unfold what lies further ahead, take a look at your Capricorn weekly and Capricorn monthly horoscope.

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