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Understanding a Capricorn Male's Behavior. Understanding the Gemini Man. Female Libra Characteristics. The claim created an instant stir then, setting the web on fire, just as it has continued to do. Your zodiac sign never changed. There is no reason to panic or remove your tattoo. There is no thirteenth sign. The Internet is amazing when it comes to disseminating news quickly, but it's just as amazing when it spreads disinformation.

Fact 1 as claimed by NASA: There is a thirteenth constellation that crosses the ecliptic, which is the celestial highway the planets travel along on their orbits around the Sun.

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The NASA site explains that the Babylonians divided the ecliptic into 12 equal parts, "like cutting a pizza into 12 equal slices. They go on to explain that there were actually 13, not 12 constellations in the zodiac, and that the Babylonians left out the sign Ophiuchus as a matter of convenience. Therefore, NASA claims that the Sun -- which appears to move through the 12 signs each year from Earth's point of view -- is aligned with Ophiuchus for nearly three weeks each year, and people born at that time are born under the sign of Ophiuchus.

Furthermore, NASA notes that the constellations in the zodiac are not equal in size, and that the Sun passes through Scorpio in 7 days but takes 45 days to transit Virgo. An artist might help Taurus to move beyond their self-imposed boundaries and see things in a bit more color. Gemini is versatile, constantly changing, and energetic, which could be exhausting to some signs, but in , Gemini should date — another Gemini!

Together, they can change their minds, their hair color, and their dinner reservations without irritating their partner, since their partner's probably doing the same thing! Cancer is emotional, sensitive, and sentimental. Cancer is also super protective of their feelings and will require full trust to let someone in. That's why Cancer should date their childhood crush this next year. There's a certain sentimentality to this that will really appeal to Cancer, and what's more romantic than unrequited love?

Plus, Cancer will already have the emotional history and comfort with this person, so they can let them into their hard shell a little easier than a total stranger. Leo loves the spotlight, is gregarious, and is the biggest charmer in the room. Leo loves being loved, so that's why, in , Leo should date their biggest fan. Why not?! Leo thrives on adoration and attention, and dating someone who's completely smitten with them is totally their dream come true!


And shouldn't we all be living our dreams?! Virgo is devoted, reliable, and steady. They're selfless and will make sure their partner has everything they need before taking care of themselves. In , Virgo should date their friend with benefits, because this person already has experienced and appreciates Virgo's consistency and kindness. Virgo will like the foundation of intimacy and the comfort of routine, and actually dating their FWB will make a lot of sense.

Libra is fair, even-keeled, and balanced. Libra isn't afraid to speak up for what is right, and to fight for what they deserve.

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That's why Libra should date the one that got away. Libra is also an emotional sign, so revisiting a relationship that ended prematurely or is unresolved will be very satisfying for them. Scorpio is passionate, intense, and loves a challenge, so they should date a perfect stranger.

A single Scorpio has a laundry list of reasons why they don't want to date the single people they already know, so a complete stranger holds a certain allure for them. A perfect stranger is a mystery that Scorpio can't wait to discover.