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Second, the symmetry seems off. Two films, two title roles and two nicknames seems okay. But one of the nicknames is known from a movie character and one is not. Two of the movies involved are from , the others from different eras. Though if you were born in the '90, like I think the constructor was, they're all from Way Back Then. And the nicknames seem off too. Maybe it was different with Longabaugh, but in the movie from which I know the character he's always called Sundance no-Kid or referred to as The Sundance Kid.

Last night Loki's grandma came over and brought Chinese. And since I've been trying to follow everyone else's advice, I might as well follow my cookie's too. But here's some stuff I noticed. More helpful is that I had the double-N in place before I saw the clue. They can't do that, can they?

I can't claim never to have heard of her because I think we've seen her before. PuzzleGirl looked it up and reports that she's of Nick and Nora Charles, and, as Wade pointed out, "[t]hey're the ones with that damn dog.

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What's that you say? Oh yeah, No One Has. I guess we need to know every weight and measure in the world now, so I'll start feeding you a few every day until Rex is back. For today, try to remember that there are approximately tael in each berkovet per pood. Or, if you prefer, tael per picul. And, wait for it, 53 obols per tael. I was Mutton Chop Spice. This is pretty much smack-dab in the center of Tex. It's astrology. I was trying to think of museums. I had archenemy. Possibly one more day of me, but we'll have King Rex back soon, I promise! Save And Share :. Good day, eh. I'm Bob McKenzie and this is my brother Doug.

How's it going, eh? Today's topic is Crossword puzzles. And beer, eh. Take off! What's a LOUT? LOUT is a lummox, it says so at 16 Across. Across what? What's a lummox? Why don't you read the FAQS? FAQS you. Pass the beer. KIDS may be watching. This isn't TV, its a blog, eh. That's all the time we have. Good day.

Want a TOKE? Morning, folks! Overall a pretty straightforward puzzle for me -- challenging but doable. The one really hard section for me was the NW corner. I couldn't think of any type of chart other than PIE, and could think of any one-named singer from the 50s. Finally, in desperation, I started playing the alphabet game with 1D. So, all in all, an enjoyable experience, albeit a bit frustrating there at the very end. Great puzzle, and great write-up!

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Hello Good People: Hmmm.. I was sorry to read SethG sounding a bit grumpy about this one. I rather liked it, though I am a relative newbie and perhaps not so well tuned to the subtleties of what makes a good puzzle. After all, I'm still sometimes grateful for the infamous fill that is often derided on this blog. Wonderful clip there, thanks SethG. Ciao, -M. You're kidding me! I liked the passel of men child all playing around in my living room.

My mom would have trouble remembering the 20 or so kids growing up on our block and would make up names like "the pretty kid, the sweet kid, the skinny kid, etc. Seems like someone thought a few of the kids were louts as it appears clued for those North of the border and up in New England in the puzzle. Our constructor is a nice kid though. Still, I liked the puzzle and the memories. Have been v out of sorts with the puzzles this week, but really because i trod on my laptop and have been struggling with a borrowed one the size of a bed.

Not the puzzles' fault. Wasn't content today either, didn't love the theme. Liked yesterday's much more did it again today in a better humour. Monet in his own waterlily PARC, the ultimate do-it-yourself project. Mantle and Maris saved me in the end Normally, my first guesses in these situations are wrong, but not this time. Other than that, I had no serious problems and liked the puzzle OK. My challenge today was time and nostalgia. In the late sixties and early seventies I guess that is an era I went to movies all the time, sometimes 4x a week.

Bergman et. No comment on the film its just "I don't get around much anymore" cue the strings. Of course you all know sethg really paid to have this one constructed on this day to ensure we had our USRDA of kid stuff for this week.

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I think I will go for a theology degree and do my dissertation on what is becoming the whack-a-mole of puzzle popes. Pair it with a Rioja or a longneck and you will have a meal fit for a king. This puzzle was just fine, its only misfortune is following Joons masterwork. I'd have preferred that the theme entries each be clued as "With 46A, I too really don't like the long list of other spaces. Didn't matter much since I knew each movie title from the clues so it was just a matter of determining whether KID had been left off of each or if KID was rebused so I had it all figured out long before I'd seen 46A.

I ran through the alphabet for three times before I finally figured out ODON could be a sensible phrase. Baby keeping you up? The Thin Man series of movies were huge in their time. Think Brangelina. That kind of huge. SO my dad used to tell me. When the show was picked up by the CBC, which had two extra minutes to fill due to less commercials, they were asked to make the extra 2 minutes clearly "Canadian".

It was a dumb request because the entire cast, crew, etc. They were shocked Bob and Doug became the most popular part of the show, spawning a funny album and a bad movie "Strange Brew". Ulrich, don't really know where "hoser" came from. We used to call other KIDS "hosebags", and it likely came from that. Where hosebags came from, I couldn't say, eh. ROOD is a word i knew prior to crosswords, but not from being christian or anything. Every other line ended with 'Have another beer, eh? I wish my blogging skills included the ability to post a link, but hopefully someone will oblige. Good puzzle overall.

I realize, i suppose, the slight distinction that two are films and two are roles.

But they are title roles. Seth, your grumpiness about the theme is vintage Rex. I'm kind of on the same page about this, sorry to say. The other five are film titles, either complete 4 or in part 1 , as well as title roles. Close to a record number for no thematic reason of black squares -- LOUT in the answers and in a clue. I adore "Santa Baby. Thanks crosscan for the skit. As soon as I got hoser and toke my mind went directly to Bob and Doug.

This puzzle made me grumpy too. Theme clues were very easy but the fill was strained and poorly clued. I did chuckle at our new mnemonic being used to soon. Maybe Joon's puzzle was just a hard act to follow. This was a fairly easy Wednesday, I thought. Sana came up a few days ago, I tried amir instead of imam, pond for parc, and the gimmick, as Joon said, was gentle and Wednesday worthy.

Wsup, Seth? Not enough sleep last night? Thanks for the good work. I'm packing, boarding the ship this afternoon! Hey I was actually able to do it today! I found myself getting answers quite quickly and correcting myself which I am bad at. This means I'm getting better or the puzzle was easy.

I don't think I've ever used the word before and I'm a Canadian. I got TAEL on the downs and hate any form of measurement that isn't metric. That sounds a bit awkward to me and doesn't sound like phrase at all.

Clues with ASTROLOGERS OF OLD in Crossword

Overall a very easy Wednesday. Also what's up with ELHI? I got the theme of the clue but wtf? Elementary-High School? I've never seen it that and it seems way too forced. SethG, Butch and Sundance has been on my cable a lot lately "Who are those guys? There is a scene where they contemplate joining the Army and reveal that their real names are Robert Parker and Harry Longabaugh.

Not terribly noteworthy, but it is in there. And occasionally, he is just referred to as KID. I thought the puzzle was OK. Then got the TE at the end of 26A and realized something was up. Phillysolver, I think we are both of an age when we can come up with things from the distant past but tend to blank on things closer to us. I hope the experts are right about puzzles being able to fend off Alzheimers. I was prepared to say: "Why, back in my day.

I finished the NW right away and saw the Charles Grodin clue and thought "Heartbreak Kid", but as others have said, there weren't enough spaces for that, so I went cherry-picking and found what I was looking for at 46A KID, and it was Game Over at that point. There was something Monday-ish about this one. Divinity sch Delight Cryptanalysis org Cry of devotion from a non-academy student? Paleolith, e. You could make a habit of it crossword clue Wolves, perhaps crossword clue Whim crossword clue Whichever crossword clue Went undercover?

Player for Down Placemat? Pitt or Penn, e. Natural talents Mystery discovery Movie outtake? Move through the mud More exorbitant Miss identification? Mini morays? Deep ravine Dance for wedding attendees D. Rages Quick moments Punch out a simpleton? Pennsylvania port city Ostrich relative Old map abbr Not imaginary Neck cap? Bud supporter Be salaried Bar, legally Arctic, for one Appendectomy aftermath Another hotel feature Almondlike shade Advocate 6,, sq.

Best possible tile pattern? Scrappy instruction? Waits at a music festival? Up from Mexico? Easy way to win Dr. Your ace beats him crossword clue Writer Ferber crossword clue Wreck but good crossword clue Wound cover crossword clue Wave maker crossword clue U. Work for a chamber group crossword clue Word with cash or candy crossword clue What we have here crossword clue What some poachers poach crossword clue Wears down crossword clue Veracious crossword clue Valley crossword clue Toque wearer crossword clue Tenth of a grand crossword clue Staff expanders crossword clue Software service provided by hardware sellers … and a hint to three long puzzle answers crossword clue Small tip components crossword clue Short shots?

Still in the tourney Stately mounts Spare me these Spacious auto Simple circular var. I am doing good Seratonin is NOT in the bleeding dictionary? How old IS this dictionary, anyway?!?!?! It's only been ten minutes! I remeber it and it is still available in Canada they have even added a new flavor I think fresca is great LA - i was joking! Blaze -- things are going very well -- I should be offered permanent status next week!!

There's a bar in my town that offers, every sunday, a gospel breakfast and a bloody mary bar.

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They offer everything from V8 to tomato juice to tabasco sauce, from celery to pickled asparagus, and the ingredients take up half the bar. OK folks -- I am out of here for now -- I was just looking in to see who was here and had to say hi to my old friends : -- maybe next weekend I will be able to stay and chat. I pretty fast had about 7 K-words, so I was thinking I finally got the hang of it.

Then I saw I needed 10 ten!!! Okay, I just tried Lickety's page and it still shows the last board. I left and am now back again, too. I have 9 too now. Nef: when you are pro, you have a stats panel that shows how many more from each tile. Good luck and happy babbling everyone. Crossword Corner: Sunday

I did pay up and AM pro! I forgot and was playing with the window small so I could look for words in a 2nd window. I've noticed that they allow a lot of foreign words and won't allow either slang or brand names sometimes. It is there, but it won't take, FMitch! I don't even want to think about how it is to lose your child. I cannot vouch for my sanity for sure. I think it was done, but she might not want to know. She must have been torn between grieve, guild and anger enough as it were. That's so nice about babble, you can come back to it any time you have the chance :.

There are other games that if you leave the board, you lose. It might sound dull but it was really good. Happy birthday kierlex! I will be 40 this year. Enjoy being 39 for a whole year longer, if 40 scares you ;. Thus the banana sign, haha.

Astrologers of yore

I know it is just a number but still Honestly men can be as dumb as rocks. How healthy can it be when it tastes like s.. Throw it away and have something unhealthy that you enjoy eating. Works miracles for how your body reacts to it, lol. Clues been up for a while everyone, but I haven't let on cause I'm still working on it. I must get aound to doing something about them but hate to take the time away from working on these grids!

Hi Fran, thanks, I was having trouble with the bottom lne too. Hi Onpaki. Start with the stuff you use to make rice yellow, then end in a number under the ten. Lol jillibus, sure you are. Not all clues work for everyone, we need different things to make the 'click'. Let me think of another one. I hope no one will feel inferior, because it's so not about that. My ranking: 23 looks down, shuffles feet. Actually, I'm extraordinarily proud, as a half-wit such as myself Put a word of 3 letters before it to say it isn't.

Then plural. Hi Haz. We have had clouds and rain for the last week, and I gotta say - I like it! I'm normally a summer person but I'm lapping up the cold and wet - sorta makes life cozy. Jemma - you should be able to get lots of words from the square towards the right containing the letters sare - I've got 7 from them and there may be more. Hi lickety - the sunshine is such a novelty for us, but I know what you mean. It's nice to have a contrast in the weather.

Oh yeah - been there, and even in Jan. Then again in Late April. Can't say I'd like it so much i. That's a pity! She has managed to get a waitressing job for the summer, starting at the end of the week. All my family's work problems seem to have been settled within the space of a couple of days. She has got into the restaurant in a department store in town. We know the restaurant owners - the comment was made 'Your grandfather was a true gentleman' - no interview needed!

Right egm, here are a few things to look for. Things to row a boat with, vehicles that people drive, something you put round your neck to keep warm Silly me, my eyes mustn't be working right! So fewer to find than I had thought! Bye FMitch - have a good day. NOT, lol, i'll go look it up, thanks hannah!

Good morning everyone! Do you think they're enough vowels in this one?! How is it? I started with the consonants because I can't face the vowels first thing in the morning. It depends where you are. ON the East coast it is am. ON the West Coast in is -guess sleseky is on the West coast. Morning, should I say. It's quarter to eleven. Anyone know what today's theme is? Hi Matty! They keep saying there are words in there, I'm not sure I believe them.

I'm going to the Strawberry Hill music festival thingy this afternoon - I've taken tomorrow off work, so I can get quietly hammered. I've heard that it is a sort of golden shade and feels warm I vaguely remember something like that. Oh dear - is it still so yucky in New England?

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I sympathise, Eva. G'mornin' every1! Eva, what do you say to a vacation? I told my husband, I need sunshine! We don't even go to the camp on wknds. It's just too wet and depressing. Costa Rica sounds good. If we take the whole state we could probably get a good group rate, and I can't think of anyone who wouldn't go at this point. It would, with all those N's - d'ya know which one or what the second letter is? I'm guessing some wierd chemical that starts with k JMass-thanks much!

Clue for others-think about official papers and who one takes them to. Alright, I'm willing to accept the unfortunate fact that goth and ents aren't accepted - but seratonin is in that grid and I demand that it be accepted! Ahhh, you're right Eva - sometimes google is misleading. Too many people put up website with misspellings in them LOL Eva, one think to be thankful for today no re!!! FMithc-have you already checked the list so you can promise me that there aren't any re's? That would be a reason to go on living. FMithc-this is not usual at all.

We had a weirdly warm winter, a phenomenally beautiful April, which is usually the rainiest month April showers bring May flowers and then rain I think for 28 out of the last 31 days, so something like that. Record flooding in NY and several other places. This rainis probably a fluke, but the warming is not and is scary. Vermont is not usually known for being a tropical clime. May and June are usually sunny and mild at least half the time. The winters here are long and fairly harsh, and what gets us through is the prospect of spring and especially early summer-so to go through winter and then have all this rain is definitely wearing on people.

It's not like we have killer monsoons are quakes or anything. Just grizzle. List-time for me. I want to go enjoy the sunshine and I just can't leave before I've finished the grid! Looks like I'm going to have to resort to the list.